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We help businesses featured in online media

We will help you get media coverage. Through our relationships in the media, we will help you get the right kind of exposure, allowing you to capture a larger audience and get more new customers.


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We know exactly where to take your business

As a successful entrepreneur in the digital space with a vision to scale our own business, we understand precisely how the business world works. we have been featured in the business press and have helped local companies get featured in the media.

Creating Personalized Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

We will work one-on-one with you to achieve your business goals. Successful businesses like Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Walmart, and Amazon have relied on a unique, custom-tailored marketing strategy to produce some astounding results. We have successfully implemented a similar system and would like to work one-on-one with you to achieve your business goals.


Many business owners use marketing, advertising, and inherently UNPROFITABLE branding tactics. Advertising and marketing efforts that produce no results are UNPROFITABLE. No matter how much you spend on advertising and marketing, you’re not making any money with these tactics. You need to invest in marketing that is PROFITABLE and RESULTS-BASED.


Credits From Our Clients

I was looking for a marketing partner who would help me plan and execute campaigns for my brand. Luckily I found Vidranya, a marketing group dedicated to collaborating with local businesses to develop the perfect marketing strategy for my industry. After just 4-6 weeks, the phone rang with new requests, lots of them. Nagendren and his team helped me attract our ideal customers, so no more explaining to folks with no need for our services. Vidranya helped our business breakout and became the recognized expert in a very narrow niche. I cannot thank you guys enough soon I'll have to buy a building and hire more staff to accommodate the growth in our business at SanDiegoOutdoorsman.com

San Diego Outdoorsman Owner

Results-Based Marketing – a Systematic Approach to PROFITABLE Marketing

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